About Us

The Department of Emergency Management

St. James Central District Emergency Organisation

This is a voluntary arm of the governmental department. It is engaged to offer the varied communities, businesses and private sectors along the west coast and its environs, the best concepts and practices of comprehensive disaster management. The organisation can today offer our community a wide range of professionals and community minded persons, who daily interact and investigate the many challenges our community faces.

The D.E.O. has built shareholder partnerships with the business sectors and has also been instrumental in assisting in one of Barbados’ government/ private sector partnership initiatives, which resulted in 60% of flood waters from high elevation being effectively utilised upstream, and therefore significantly reducing flows reaching Holetown and the west coast.

The training and resourcefulness of our members to date, have also allowed several entities to benefit by building resilience to many hazards which previously caused many concerns about the safety of those who live or work within our jurisdiction.

Our membership consists of fifty active members who are eager to learn and develop our operational structure and bases. As we interact with our community, it is our mandate to offer competent and best industry practices and concepts, therefore minimising potential risk and loss of life and damage.